Helping Phoenix Digital Systems achieve high volume sales

Phoenix Digital Systems was founded by Stuart Turner. The business provides print and software solutions to SME’s across London and the South East.

Founder, Stuart Taylor shares why he has enjoyed a 15 year ongoing partnership with Red Arrow.

“It’s a true partnership we have with Red Arrow. There’s a trust element that’s been built over the years. Our business is new business intensive. We offer a consultative approach to our clients and they have that same approach — there’s a natural fit.

How most linked-in companies work is computer says no. Not with Red Arrow. They’re proactive and take a view with the intent of helping our clients on a case-by-case basis. They talk to you like normal people talk to you — they don’t push it up the line.

And importantly, I know that the Red Arrow team also support start-ups who are not considered so sunny by the computer says no providers. They’ll also do bespoke leasing packages for you, they get the importance of being flexible.

When I bring Red Arrow to the table to a client, I know they will get better looked after than with the bigger leasing finance businesses out there.

Covid times have been really tough and some of the clients we are dealing with haven’t had a good time. They need a flexible business friendly leasing provider who will actually understand.

You need companies like Red Arrow now more than ever.”