your sales

Offering your customers a monthly or quarterly payment option will allow you to close sales quickly, thus facilitating more sales and increased order values. 

Widen your
customer base

Why limit your customer base to only buyers with cash in the bank, when you can appeal to a much wider audience that don’t have the means to pay in full and who may never have the free cash to do so. 

your cashflow

One of the biggest benefits of Red Arrow Partner Finance is that it shortens the time between making the sale and receiving the payment. Payment is effected on delivery, not 30 days later.

How it works

Not all potential customers have the spare cash or a helpful bank — and overdrafts can cost in excess of 35% per annum.

With Red Arrow Partner Finance, you’ll never have to quote the list price, simply show the monthly or quarterly rental cost instead — and even include any maintenance fees too.

And there’s more! Monthly or Quarterly payments means that you are able to seamlessly maintain a relationship with them and when the term is coming towards its end, we will let you know 90 days in advance, which gives you the opportunity to upgrade or simply renew the equipment that they purchased with you. It’s a great way to retain your customers and keep the competition out.

We’ll give you all the tools and resources you need

To help you achieve those higher sales we will provide you with a dedicated account manager to support you, along with comprehensive training—both in person and online. 

We will provide you with the tools that will give you the ability to confidently quote and propose business at the point of sale—via a live online system or as a mobile sales tool on your phone or tablet, 24/7, at no cost to you or your customers.

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